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except I'm gonna steal Tomato's idea and only do 12, since I have 31 works total.

1. Sometimes, after a long shift (not that they weren't all long, but some just stretched for what seemed like weeks, and took years off your back, made you question everything you knew), Greg just wants to get lost.

2. Gwaine groaned, hearing the pub door lock behind him as the raindrops bounced off the ground onto his freshly-shined shoes.

3. Declan was just getting properly into sucking Colin's cock when "You're the Voice" rang out through the flat, breaking the rhythm of the slurping and skin-on-skin.

4. The day in New York, when they were less than a block away from each other, but felt like seas and oceans- of screaming fangirls, of unpredictable circumstances, of too many bodies around him - was the worst Josh had ever felt.

5. The best part of touring (other than the millions of screaming fans, and the fame, and the cash, of course), Josh thinks, is the adrenaline rush.

6. The first time after the break (after all of Colin's travels, after Georgia's...after Georgia), the first time back in Cardiff squalor (comparatively speaking), when they get into their costumes and Bradley turns, expecting to see bony shoulders and clavicles for days, but instead is met with a wall of muscle, intense ripples with every movement Colin makes, he's left gaping.

7. The silky feeling of the apron strings sliding over his bare arse made Arthur pause each time he so much as shifted his hips.

8. Arthur scrambled out of the room, yelling, “Sorry, sorry!”

9. One day, in Camelotty Land, Art and Merly Werly decided to have sex.

10. She sighed, wiping down a table after the last of the travelers and the noisy drunks had finally made their way out the door of her tavern.

11. It’s in one of his fits of grief that Stiles finds it.

12. Arthur’s knees were beginning to ache from kneeling on the floor for what must be hours by now when he finally heard murmurs and footsteps approaching him.

So what we can gather from this is that, generally speaking, I love commas and run-on sentences. Yay?
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