Aaaaaaah, so many hearts! Thank you thank you thank you, all the wonderful, lovely peeps who sent me one. You've all made my V-Day that much brighter and are definitely the best Valentines! ♥♥♥

The Grand Tournament Begins Sunday, February 12th!
Four Amazing Teams. 78 Grand Champions.
20 Pieces of Artwork. 58 Stories. 240,000+ Words!

Join [ profile] merlin_games to watch, vote, and support our Champions!

YESYESYES! Go Team Historical, go! :D

Unrelated, I reposted a couple of short Percival/Geoffrey fics last week here and here, in case anyone's interested. Do read warnings/ratings. =)

Happy Friday, flist ♥

GO SIGN UP. Apparently I did? because I'm crazy Because [ profile] amphigoury made me. and threatened me with hockey sticks. and a lifetime in the penalty box. :D:D:D

I'm so excited! :D


I'm running a test to see who's reading my posts. So, if you read this, leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your LJ USERNAME. Only one word please. Then repost so I can leave a word for you. Don't just post a word and not copy - that's not as much fun!
So, this basically started on Twitter when [ profile] hermette was all grumpy and I wanted to cheer her up, but I think this face deserves a home that won't be scrolled past as much.

WARNING: I accidentally a lot of really random pictures. I AM SORRY /o\

In case your flist hasn't already spammed you with this, MegaUpload is no more. ;_;

And Anonymous responded in the only way they know how. That is, flawlessly. They've DDoS'd The Department of Justice, MPAA, RIAA, Universal Music group and are claiming is their next target. Those guys get shit done and mean business.

So while that's all going down. Let's reminisce, yeah? Like...remember Megavideo and trying to watch more than one ep of a full-hour show and getting totally cockblocked midway through the second one because of that stupid 72 minute limit? Aw, those were the days. ♥

This is the last thing I was downloading. I still have the tab open and won't close it for as long as I have to/until MU comes back:

ALSO ALSO. While I'm here, so as not to spam you more, I totally think of Dean/Cas while listening to this song, but it's also entirely and flawlessly perfect for Merlin/Arthur. Just listen to it and let it overwhelm you with all the feelings.

We'll get through this, you guys. ♥







thanks to [ profile] feilongfan for sharing.
uploading/reposting screenshots because TWITTERS AND TWEETS GET DELETED ALL THE TIME.


I know I did this a week before the new year but I'm just putting it out there that if we're not that close and you're worried about awkwardness, please, feel free to defriend me. I'm not gonna say it won't hurt, 'cause it will (unless we seriously never speak) and my feelings are so fucking wrought right now. But we all have to do fandom our own way and I do fandom out in the open, no holds barred.

I love every single person on my flist right now, in one way or another, and you're all here for a reason. I don't question your friendships or fandom allegiances and want everyone to get along at the very core.

This might seem hypocritical to those of you who already know that I mod Mean Merry Merlin, but it isn't. I believe in anonymous spaces as places to express yourself away from your username. I think that sometimes you have an unpopular opinion that you worry your flist might not like (which might seem silly, but it's on par with how many different kinds of people are in fandom) and you can go share that there. No anon meme is free of wank or trolling or hate, but neither is the world, so in that case, it's representative. And for anyone who's spent more than a minute at the Merlin anon meme, you'll know that I've gotten my fair share of criticism and hate (warranted and not), and while I won't defend the hate itself, I will defend the anon meme and its right to exist and people's right to use it.

Now, this may not be how others do fandom, and that's okay. But I feel like that's just one place in fandom, you don't have to go there, you don't have to see it, and I normally try not to bring it up too much (and if it makes you uncomfortable when I do- please tell me), but we're all human.

I'm not trying to make this about any sort vs them or anything, I just wanted to put this out there because of Reasons and Events and if you know, you know and are probably affected and I'm sorry (seriously and honestly), and if you don't know - enjoy the ignorance. Really. I just wanted to lay it out as I see it and let you all know that I love this fandom and all it encompasses, unless people I care about are hurt. I want everyone to love this fandom, too and hope you all do. Wish it was still all prats and unicorns and beachside dates, but maybe it isn't, maybe I'm too idealistic at the core.

I'm a little bit brokenhearted now, but thanks to my friends I'm realizing that the only person I can control and have a say in anything about is me, so that's what this post is about - me.

Sorry for the emo, but I just wanted to put this out there. It's probably not all I wanted to say and may not make sense, but yeah. That's that ♥

eta: this post is public and will remain public, and the comments are not screened.

eta2: as always, anon on, ip-logging off.


Jan. 6th, 2012 11:38 am

I'm so excited! I'm so excited!...I'm so scared.

Anyway, I won't Jessie Spano all over you anymore, but! Apparently I'm pretty insane because I will be signing up as a writer this year. Uhhhhhhhhh. Feel free to smack me upside the head, guys. This is obviously the best/worst idea of all time. I wanna like...get all the words down now...but NO! Bad Klaudia.

First I need to finish my Merlin_Games piece and my kinkspiration, which could actually not be more different from each other and from the paperlegends fic I'll be writing. Exciting.

I also need to clean the house. Someone please shove me in all the right directions because apparently IDK the meaning of the word accountable?
feel free to blame [ profile] wldcatsprstr_14 and [ profile] kerryblaze and their spams of hotness for this. i'm just saying. i got stuck in an endless loop on tumblr, so uh, here are just a couple pictures, but they obviously speak for themselves.




Jan. 3rd, 2012 09:02 pm
Even with his "proviso" at the top, it's so so so so hard not to judge Eoin after his latest short story.

I'm not sure if he's trying to be edgy (at your age, Eoin? really?) or what, but this?

This face belongs to that social anomaly, the gay air hostess. The gay air hostess is another beast entirely separate from real life, it's emasculated, yet bizarrely has a position of power in that this creature, clearly wishing it was a female getting a good ride from behind, can tell bigger more ostensibly male types what to do. And they do it.

And the fact that he continually refers to this one particular male flight attendant as "It (and always capitalized, oh god)?" I can't. I will also say that I haven't made ti all the way through, so maybe I'm judging too harshly and the "character" whose POV we see this from actually gets bashed with a unicorn tiara to death, but...yeah.

ETA: Eoin "explains:"
Em, 'theharshknight', it is a story, a tongue in cheek satire, you should read David Sedaris..... There is an eminent problem is writing sometimes because people take things as literal. I have many gay oriented friends, and it is not even about that, it is a small commentary on a certain aspect of life and the character of 'I' is a creation, not a reality.

So...he's just a shit writer (like [ profile] wldcatsprstr_14 said) who has no foresight into audience reception?

ETA2: He deleted. I don't want to repost it here, but an anon on mm copy-pasted the whole thing here. I do warn for homophobia, if you choose to read.

What did I do on the evening of Jan 3, you ask? Argued with Eoin Macken online. SMH

woo 2012!

Jan. 3rd, 2012 01:22 pm
So it's 2012 and not much has changed.

  • slowly but surely plotting/shaping an amazing Paperlegends2012 fic with the flawless [ profile] amphigoury basically the artist and co-creator. As Reni said, I'm just her pen :P
  • excited about _hols reveals...even though I have like 10 tabs with fics open to read D:...not to mention ALL the Paperlegends fics I still haven't read D:
  • made an accidental new year's resolution wrt fandom-type stuff and am keeping it so far, so yay! it'll be better in the long run, even if it hurts, I think.
  • miiiiiiiiiiiiiiight have a plot bunny for kinkspiration. maybe. hope I actually churn something out.
  • everyone should go sign up for [ profile] werewolfbigbang I'M JUST SAYING.

  • RL-wise:
  • Christmas etc: I think I might make another entry because there are endless thanks to be made, so :P
  • we got a washer/dryer in today, so I'll finally be able to do laundry once they're installed! :D excited.
  • had possible job thing from stepdad but he's a flaky flake so I guess I'll get to properly looking for work myself.
  • going to see my hs besties this week. I'm really excited because it's been forever since we've seen each other :D
  • aaaaand just as I was typing this up, stepdad broke my sister's heart by canceling on plans they'd made 2 days in a row. nice.

  • I hope 2012 is being good to you all so far. So I'll leave you with the most perfect and heartbreaking s7 thus far Dean/Cas vid ever ;_;
    40 questions about 2011 meme )

    year in review meme! )

    Well...guess that's 2011, then. Happy New Year, flist! Thanks for being fantastic, I wish you all the absolute best in 2012. Here's to a whole other year together ♥
    So, end of the year, changes, resolutions and all that jazz. This is just to say that if we haven't spoken in a while, our interests have changed, I'm too annoying, I never comment...whatever, you should probably defriend me. Especially if it's particularly bothersome 'cause while I try not to be too annoying, I'm probably not going to suddenly do a 180 with everything I like and all that and stop posting. It'll save you scrolling time or eyerolling and me paranoia.

    No hard feelings. Sometimes you just gotta do what's right for you.

    Comments screened, so feel free to leave whatever.
    Who'd be down for a ~reunion end of the year chat on the 30th?

    In other news. christmas is tomorrow...and I'm still cleaning. BUT ALMOST DONE AND THEN I WILL NEVER CLEAN AGAIN

    ...i need to find some good s2 layouts now. jfc
    off to sleep, but BUT! All the gifts for the [ profile] merlin_games gift exchange have been filled...and um I failed at filling any (didn't realize they went up even...>_>) BUT MINE GOT FILLED. The amazing [ profile] tetsubinatu totally wrote me something for my prompt All I want for Christmas is a drawble or a drabble based on this prompt: Merlin/Uther, Christmas cuddles.

    It's called The Four Times Merlin and Uther Cuddled for Christmas and each one corresponds to a different team/genre: Canon, Modern, Historical, Reincarnation.


    Also while you're there, read all the others, whihc I haven't had a chance to, but I'm sure are wonderful all the same.

    Hope everyone's well, I'm beyond sore and in pain from cleaning the kitchen all day, but main floor is basically completely clean now, so I just have the basement and the upstairs bathroom/hallway to do. Woot. Hope you're all well, flist ♥

    ETA: because I don't have twitter and this just made my night so much I can't even. While suffering from Cramps from Hell (TM) on top of my muscle aches, I went searching for some Midol or Advil, knowing full well we have none because I used it all up last month, ahem. BUT. OMG. I found this prescription painkiller I was once given and there's so much left! I COULD CRY. THIS IS THE BEST EVER. THANK YOU, MAKERS OF APO-NAPROXEN. You are all I could have asked for.

    okok, sleep now :D



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