off to sleep, but BUT! All the gifts for the [ profile] merlin_games gift exchange have been filled...and um I failed at filling any (didn't realize they went up even...>_>) BUT MINE GOT FILLED. The amazing [ profile] tetsubinatu totally wrote me something for my prompt All I want for Christmas is a drawble or a drabble based on this prompt: Merlin/Uther, Christmas cuddles.

It's called The Four Times Merlin and Uther Cuddled for Christmas and each one corresponds to a different team/genre: Canon, Modern, Historical, Reincarnation.


Also while you're there, read all the others, whihc I haven't had a chance to, but I'm sure are wonderful all the same.

Hope everyone's well, I'm beyond sore and in pain from cleaning the kitchen all day, but main floor is basically completely clean now, so I just have the basement and the upstairs bathroom/hallway to do. Woot. Hope you're all well, flist ♥

ETA: because I don't have twitter and this just made my night so much I can't even. While suffering from Cramps from Hell (TM) on top of my muscle aches, I went searching for some Midol or Advil, knowing full well we have none because I used it all up last month, ahem. BUT. OMG. I found this prescription painkiller I was once given and there's so much left! I COULD CRY. THIS IS THE BEST EVER. THANK YOU, MAKERS OF APO-NAPROXEN. You are all I could have asked for.

okok, sleep now :D
So apparently this week is Pair Arthur With All the Knights Week!...which is totally fine by me :D

Yesterday, we got Nick's lovely Arthur/Elyan fic, Bros, Frogs and All That Jizz, which has a drunk Arthur totally brokenhearted over Gwen, and Elyan who's just right there for him. Aww.

and today! TODAY!

[ profile] riventhorn wrote this awesome awesome Arthur/Leon/Percival fic, Red Jacket, where Arthur is Percival's sub and Percival takes him to get flogged by Leon. Guh.


[ profile] leashy_bebes wrote this stupidly sweet and adorable Arthur/Gwaine fic, Sometimes Romance is Mandatory, that involves a sappy romantic Arthur with all these feelings and A/Gw being such bros but also so sweetly in love.

Go read them all. Right now.
The Basics
TITLE: Haven by Chance
AUTHOR: Eurydice
WORD COUNT: 88k (complete)
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Arthur/Percival, Gwaine/Merlin
DISCLAIMER: Oh, how I wish they were, but no, they are not mine.
NOTES: Written for the KMM prompt, Arthur/Percival and/or Gwaine/Merlin, modern day AU, Sweaty, dirty dancing at a club. Paired off or all together, all I know is I want it.
SUMMARY: Percival Chance looks like he might have it all, but his shyness and insecurity cripple him from any kind of real relationship. Until he meets a gorgeous blond at a club one night and decides to take a chance. When he finds out his hook-up is none other than Arthur Pendragon, one of the most powerful businessmen in London, he's convinced he's made a terrible mistake. It's up to Arthur to convince him otherwise...

Why I love it.
Okay so. This fic, you guys. This fic. I know it's been finished for a few days over on KMM, but I've been holding back and waiting until Eurydice de-anoned to make my official rec post.

Those of you following me on Twitter and who've had the "pleasure" of speaking to me on the phone or skype know that whenever updates of this fic came in I'd squeal, squee, shriek and keysmash to no end. This fic kept me going through the week, pushing me from Monday to Wednesday to Friday, giving me something to look forward to for so many weeks. It had me laughing and crying and raging and sitting on the edge of my seat wishing for the next update. I've reread it a stupid amount of times, usually at least once a week before a new update, just to get caught up and back into it. Obviously as it began getting longer that wasn't possible, but I reread the whole thing last night (thanks to the lovey Eurydice who linked me to the full thing ahead of time ♥) and my heart. It sang.

So. Beyond the obvious that is it my OTP, Arthur/Percival (with the lovely addition of Merlin/Gwaine) this fic felt like it was written specifically for me so many times, I felt like a crazy person and held back all my comments about that (TIL NOW! oops?). So, let me just list the things that I loved more than anything and basically felt were taken straight out of my brain and headcanon for this flawless ship: top!Arthur who only bottoms for Percival (HOMG YES), Percival with a big cock, shy Percival who isn't stupid, the boys bringing out the best in each other in a slow push-pull kind of way, angst, Elena being BAMF and silly and adorable and friends with both Percival and Arthur, the D/s dynamics between Arthur and Percival (omfg every time he called Arthur a cockslut. I died).

Beyond those silly little things that made me want to smish the author forever, I thought the relationship between the boys was written brilliantly, in a very grown-up way. I loved that they were both autonomous and strong and able and successful in their own ways. I loved the mutual respect and the building of trust and the realism of so many of their issues. I loved how Eurydice developed Percival, how we could see his past (which I won't spoil) being part of all his choices and why it took so much for him to trust Arthur.

As far as stylistic choices go, I loved the prose, and just everything about it. I love how it flowed, how descriptive it was without being overly flowery, how well the male voice came through. I also couldn't get enough of her scene setting, the way she wrote actions around the dialogue like in the scene where Gwaine goes to Percival's flat, and he paces, I just love little things like that, the extra descriptions, being so well placed in the characters' POVs, even with the switching ones. I especially appreciated that toward the end, when we just absolutely needed to know exactly what they were all thinking, to be there with them in that hard situation, to understand their actions, reactions. Everything.

This fic is everything.

Now, okay, before you all think I'm nuts (lol you already should), obviously this fic isn't perfect and there were times when I doubted Eurydice (then anon) and her choices, when I wanted a bit more or something, but you know what? I have never ever before been so emotionally involved in a fanfiction and so wholly taken with the characters, so any little imperfections don't matter, really, not when the sum of all parts is 88k of the most amazing story A/P could've ever asked for. ♥


May. 18th, 2011 03:37 pm
Okay so this is a ~300 word Elyan/Gwen commentfic that falls pre-S1, but it is so gorgeous and packs so much into it that I dare you not to make this your new headcanon. Dare you!

Warnings: hints of incest (it's G-rated); posted at mean_Merlin


ETA: iPhone posting fail! Edited to link to actual fic not the whole thread *hides in fail*


May. 15th, 2011 04:15 pm
we get around by [ profile] novemberlite

This is a lovely, hot Merlin/Arthur and Merlin/Knights (Lance, Gwaine, Percival) with serious sprinkling of Arthur/Percival hints that works the characterizations of all these knights into this fucking hot sex. I love the way Merlin's all take-charge-cock-whore and loves every minute of being with the knights; and how Arthur just randomly fantasizes about Percival in the middle of all of it but then just takes Merlin. Unf. Fucking sexy.
So uhm hi. First of all - there are other g_f fics I've read that I've absolutely loved (and I've left you all comments, hopefully!) BUT UH. THIS FIC, YOU GUYS.

I cried. I legit cried. Happy tears. IDK why, but I did. so here you go.

Arthur's Great Paper Chase by [ profile] cyus.

THIS FIC HAS EVERYTHING I NEVER KNEW I WANTED: a modern day quest, a dog that licks people quite a bit, a following of random people who just need to solve this mystery, and an Arthur who's so miserable and sad, and just needs a day out, some fun and adventure and gets exactly that.


eta: oh and pictures. little hand-drawn pictures. it also has those. THEY ARE AWESOME.
There are way too many things I could (and have) say about this fic, so I'll let it do the talking for itself (but you should know: fluffy domestic a/p, with a hint of destiny and angst. amazing)

Layer Cake by [ profile] cyus
Summary: Life's about cake and choices even when destiny peek-a-boos at a school fair.


Swearing Fealty by [ profile] leashy_bebes

Ok, so I know I'm totally totally biased etc etc. BUT YOU GUYS. TODAY IS LIKE A PERCIVAL PARTY IN MY PANTS. :P

First I (A MONTH LATE, BUT I DON'T CARE) discovered this fantastic video made by [ profile] visionsbeyond about all the knights OMFG. The actual definition of epic all pairings aside. BBC should take note.

And then. THEN! [ profile] lassroyale aka apparently my LJ soulmate reposted this gorgeous stunning Arthur/Percival drabble she wrote. 100 words of pure devotion/perfection.

Go read it, guys. Right now.

And to finish off the A/P love, here, have some A/P:

It's awesome because it goes from Percival being all scared, to Arthur being all ME GUSTA and finally Percival's FUCK YEAH/CHALLENGE ACCEPTED face. He's so getting some.


Jan. 31st, 2011 01:18 am
Hai all! I bring you Merlin fic recs!

1. First of all, for anyone who's been living under a rock and missed [ profile] eloquent_toast's Wankfest. WTF?! It's closed now, but you should still totally go read everything. DO IT

2. Secondly, hot off the google docs press - [ profile] lassroyale's foray into RPS - COLIN/EOIN PORN. Entitled "Leather Never Tasted So Good" aka "That One Time the Cast Watched the S3 Finale Together, Eoin Wore Leather Gloves and Colin Went Down on Him in an Alley"*

Read this hawtness here

Why yes, I am using my A/P icon as a silent protest against my own reccing of Colin/Eoin :P

*not the official title
*sorry that this is the nth time you're seeing this on your flist.

This fic! This fic right there. Written for the KMM prompt: "Arthur is a BNF, Merlin is his prized beta"

It's adorable, schmoopy, a little bit sexy, but also very very meta. Even reccing it here is making me hyper-aware of the connotations and everything. WEIRD.

This fic is also making my heart all warm and fuzzy for all the lovely people for whom I've ever beta'd, especially those with whom it brought me closer. Long epic fics or multi-parters, fics that just drain the life out of you, fics that make you laugh out loud, or ones that make you cry just a little bit. The relationship between a writer and a beta is an important one, and it's not easy to always find the right fit - but some people are just awesome writers, and others awesome betas (lol def. not me) who can tackle anything. I think that this fic is the ultimate BNF/beta story in a way, it's basically a fairy tale.

BUT ENOUGH OF MY RAMBLINGS. GO READ IT (this means you, [ profile] lydkami, but be warned it's very cute)

OH WAIT. WHILE I'M HERE (and on topic of beta'ing). HAVE ANOTHER REC!

This is a gorgeous, funny, cute modern AU Merlin/Arthur, entitled "Once Again, With Feeling" by the lovely [ profile] gallifreycalls it's for the KMM prompt "Ten years ago Arthur broke things off with Merlin because he didn't want a serious relationship. Now Arthur has everything he wants: a lucrative career, nice car, fancy place, and finally out of his father's shadow. However as the holidays approach he realizes that he doesn't have anyone special to spend them with like a family. Late one night a ghost/spirit visits him and allows him to see how different his life would have been if he stayed with Merlin. In this universe he and Merlin are married with kids and happy. When the spirit comes back to return Arthur to his actual life, Arthur pleads to let him stay. The spirit can't allow this but instead gives him the opportunity to return to the past to correct his mistake. Unfortunately the spirit sends Arthur back six months after the break-up and Merlin has started seeing someone else."


Did I mention it's a musical and uses some amazing/hilarious/ABSOLUTELY PERFECT song choices to take us through Arthur's manpain and indecisions? No? Well now I did, and you have no excuse.


Mar. 20th, 2010 12:02 pm
Hey f'list!

So I have a fic to rec (and not just 'cause I beta it :P!)

Anyone remember All Bets Off? You know, the one with that really violent OC, Brom and silly Arthur betting Merlin and LOSING? The one with an unhappy ending for A/M?


The prologue was posted last night and um - READ THE WARNINGS BEFORE YOU READ THE FIC - but it's really well written and will let you know what Merlin's been up to since we last saw him!


Time Enough and Now: Prologue



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