woo 2012!

Jan. 3rd, 2012 01:22 pm
So it's 2012 and not much has changed.

  • slowly but surely plotting/shaping an amazing Paperlegends2012 fic with the flawless [livejournal.com profile] amphigoury basically the artist and co-creator. As Reni said, I'm just her pen :P
  • excited about _hols reveals...even though I have like 10 tabs with fics open to read D:...not to mention ALL the Paperlegends fics I still haven't read D:
  • made an accidental new year's resolution wrt fandom-type stuff and am keeping it so far, so yay! it'll be better in the long run, even if it hurts, I think.
  • miiiiiiiiiiiiiiight have a plot bunny for kinkspiration. maybe. hope I actually churn something out.
  • everyone should go sign up for [livejournal.com profile] werewolfbigbang I'M JUST SAYING.

  • RL-wise:
  • Christmas etc: I think I might make another entry because there are endless thanks to be made, so :P
  • we got a washer/dryer in today, so I'll finally be able to do laundry once they're installed! :D excited.
  • had possible job thing from stepdad but he's a flaky flake so I guess I'll get to properly looking for work myself.
  • going to see my hs besties this week. I'm really excited because it's been forever since we've seen each other :D
  • aaaaand just as I was typing this up, stepdad broke my sister's heart by canceling on plans they'd made 2 days in a row. nice.

  • I hope 2012 is being good to you all so far. So I'll leave you with the most perfect and heartbreaking s7 thus far Dean/Cas vid ever ;_;
    Hey, hey flist!

    I'm on a fanvid kick.

    Specifically: character study Dean vids. LIKE SAD HEARTBREAKING ONES

    but I'll assume that I won't be this sappy forever, so um, happy silly ones are okay too, so are ones about Bobby or um Dean/Cas. Or even some Merlin vids you think I may have missed (mostly Arthur-centric tho)

    Um, in return I can TRY writing commentfic? Maybe? But I'm terrible so don't expect much.

    TY ♥

    ETA: ok so this vid isn't perfect, but as far as characterizations/my current mood/and my over-analysis of this song using Freud's theories of Mourning and Melancholia - this video is kind of exactly what I'm looking for:

    the maker said there's ships there, but i just see dean being epic for his family, not sry2say
    1. I know you've all seen this already. I don't care. There has been such a huge shortage of Bradley/Arthur everything lately that I am just nomming this photo up. So here it is again :D


    2. On topic of the perfection that remains to be Bradley James/Arthur Pendragon. How about that Jensen Ackles/Dean Winchester (Smith?). I posted prompts requesting fic about both of them to the latest KMM and the crazyinsaneawesome [livejournal.com profile] lassroyale and I brainstormed (LIKE A BOSS) some ideas for a crossover AU, but there are so many characters, I'd be too much like - HOW DO WE LIMIT THESE FOOLS?

    But! Because I got new friends. And I'm new to SPN - maybe there are some crossovers on that side of the fence I missed? Anyone? Anyone want to write one? ::puppy eyes:: You'd do it, and then Dean would be all


    3. For those of you who mentioned Percival when friending me, look! PERCIVAL!

    And here are a couple of fic recs for comment!fic some of you may not be aware of:
    - Arthur riding Percival's cock.
    - Arthur's curious about Percival's jockstrap - this one's canon timeline with just a blowjob from A.
    AND IF YOU'RE SO INCLINED a very short Bradley/Tom Hopper shower frottage scene.

    FINALLY. How have I not been aware of this? How? Worst. Fan. Ever. But THIS VIDEO IS BRILLIANT.

    Sorry this entry got so long - lemme know if it's too much and I'll CUT IT. ♥ Hope you're well, flist :D
    omg flist hold me. and tell me why the SPN writers hate dean so much. im close to tears here. wtf. why do they keep doing this and he's so broken.

    i'm on ep 16 of s5 and i'm so broken. is dean ever happy? :'(



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