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(Um, I was just logging on to check my flist but I had a very quick answer to this so yeah)

I'd embody Danneel Harris and do Jensen Ackles.
1. I know you've all seen this already. I don't care. There has been such a huge shortage of Bradley/Arthur everything lately that I am just nomming this photo up. So here it is again :D


2. On topic of the perfection that remains to be Bradley James/Arthur Pendragon. How about that Jensen Ackles/Dean Winchester (Smith?). I posted prompts requesting fic about both of them to the latest KMM and the crazyinsaneawesome [livejournal.com profile] lassroyale and I brainstormed (LIKE A BOSS) some ideas for a crossover AU, but there are so many characters, I'd be too much like - HOW DO WE LIMIT THESE FOOLS?

But! Because I got new friends. And I'm new to SPN - maybe there are some crossovers on that side of the fence I missed? Anyone? Anyone want to write one? ::puppy eyes:: You'd do it, and then Dean would be all


3. For those of you who mentioned Percival when friending me, look! PERCIVAL!

And here are a couple of fic recs for comment!fic some of you may not be aware of:
- Arthur riding Percival's cock.
- Arthur's curious about Percival's jockstrap - this one's canon timeline with just a blowjob from A.
AND IF YOU'RE SO INCLINED a very short Bradley/Tom Hopper shower frottage scene.

FINALLY. How have I not been aware of this? How? Worst. Fan. Ever. But THIS VIDEO IS BRILLIANT.

Sorry this entry got so long - lemme know if it's too much and I'll CUT IT. ♥ Hope you're well, flist :D
I watched the bloopers. I have given myself wholeheartedly over to SPN. My heart has been stolen by Jared and Jensen (especially Jensen). I don't want it back, either. They can keep it. I'm sure they'll keep it safe, they seem like nice chaps.

I'm about to start S5 of Supernatural. In the past week+ I've realized that I don't ship Wincest unless it's in the Smith/Wesson AU, then I'm all like UNF. Dean/Bobby is still my OTP, but I'm warming up to Dean/Cas (thanks, [livejournal.com profile] lassroyale ♥).

As things stand now, Sam annoys me, but I'm not too much of a hater (most of the time)... I love Dean and want to make him cookies and snuggle him and lift the weight of the world off his shoulders because I'm creepy like that.

The fandom, I'm breaching slowly (with loads of lube), but I'm happy knowing that basically any random off-hand request I've thrown at [livejournal.com profile] lassroyale has been filled. There is fic for EVERYTHING. I'm looking forward to my very-late-to-the-party arrival. There's still so much for me to see.

I have seen the light, and there's no turning back.

Okay, I might turn back if there's some Bradley James/Jensen Ackles RPS. BECAUSE LOOK THEY BOTH PLAY FOOTIE:



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