Aug. 14th, 2012 12:57 am
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I still dislike Deaton. I have a lot of feelings about this. I think he wanted to eliminate Gerard and Scott was the path of least resistance. Also, hey asshole, if you promnised Derek's mom you'd care for him, why are you obsessed with Scott McCall? And withholding all the information.

Oh and your ~advice re: Peter? THE WORST.

And let it be known. I was in love with Peter all of S2. As young!Peter before we knew it was him, and while he was mindfuckoing and ruining Lydia. I loved him. I loved his creepy broken self while he tried to piece himself back together. Even kind of while he broke my bb Derek. I knew he wouldn't be bad. I motherfucking knew it. And his sassy side? It's even better.

So Deaton can suck it. And um...everyone who is team peter after tonight's episode can also suck it (did I mention my thoughts were crazycakes? they are.)

I am Team Hale. And Team Pack. AND TEAM DEREK.

But ohmygod. Jackson/Lydia. That scene was the most beautiful thing ever.And so was Jackson's turning into a werewolf. Though I am sad there were no wings. SAD.

But as things stand now, while I think that Jeff Davis did a fantastic job of writing this finale, I'm still worried. This finale is basically the PERFECT set up for the PACK FIC that everyone wrote in the S1 hiatus. I think he read it. And I'm worried he'll do too much for fanservice. Gonna put it on the backburner though because this episode was perfect.

Chris Argent was perfect.

Allison... *forced smile* I hope she's okay. I am glad Scott is giving her the time she obviously needs to properly grieve the death of her aunt and her mother, and that things are all calm now so she and her father can just take their time to regroup without supernatural things happening.

Gerard is ... obviously not dead. I think Deaton might've cleaned him up, or will be tracking him while he dies.

Beacon Hills High needs a new principal though. Perhaps someone from the alphas? But that's too...idk. Already had a big bad as principal. BORING. Maybe Harris will get a promotion? IDK.

I was also sobbing over Stiles' scenes. BUT. I was glad that after ALL SHE FUCKING WENT THROUGH THIS SEASON (which, in the end, even tho he tormented her, Peter was still the one to let her in on everything, guys), she was the one who saved Jackson. Fucking perfect. And that flashback scene. Ugh. It was fantastic. Loved it.

(Nevermind that Lydia made out with Scott in S1 - she got bored in the relationship, I think, I've been there, still loved the guy, but something had to give. I think that sometimes people who are madly in love with each other reach a point of stagnation where they need to fall apart before they can come back together. AT LEAST THIS IS MY HEADCANON BECAUSE OTHERWISE UGH JEFF DAVIS YOUR WRITING IS BAD IN THIS COUPLE. Because Lydia did say she never felt that way when Allison was all OMG I LOVE SCOTT in that one ep (2x06?). I'm choosing to believe this was more of Lydia hiding her feelings from her friends like she did all season. And Jackson. Well I'm still kind of >:[ at Jackson for dropping her so I will need some Jackson stan headcanons to fix this tbh. Um. Pretend this all makes sense.)

(Nick and I totally called the key earlier today? Yesterday? when I was all OHMYGOD REWATCH 2x05 RTFN IS THE TWEETED KEY THE SAME KEY LYDIA HAD? And it was. Woo.)

But there are still so many ... threads left. But Mama McCall is in on things now. And she works in the hospital, so perhaps she'll replace Deaton in some ways? AND WHAT IF SHE AND PETER DATE AGAIN. I would die. In a good way.

But Scott was all "derek you're not my alpha" but then...isn't Peter his alpha? Except he isn't an alpha. I love Peter. Team Pack (Derek/Peter/Isaac/Jackson) and Team Scott.

AND HOW FLAWLESS WAS ISAAC. He trusts his alpha so much. God. I love him so much. And Jackson. Ugh. Perfect for fic amirite?

And Scott. I adore his endless optimism and the final scene was absolutely amazing. I love that it sort of went back to the start (and hammered it home for us, obviously, thanks Jeff Davis, just in case we didn't get it on our own. Thanks.), and that Scott and Stiles are still friends and that that is the constant on the show. It's a good constant to have, I think, the normalcy among all the...insanity of the supernatural.

I'm also wondering what happened to Erica and Boyd (even though I'm still mad at them because I'm an enormous insane derek stan and DEREK DEREK DEREK DEREK DEREK HDU >:[) but I'm wondering if they'll be...dead? IDK.

I think I can logically and ... like a normal human being discuss all things. Except the Hales. It's like the Pendragons. I get all emotional and irrational and turn into the kind of people who no one wants to talk to. That's um part of why I left. Well, 1) I needed to get my shit together IRL. but 2) I'm insane about Derek Hale. Not even Tyler Hoechlin, either. I stan him, sure (BECAUSE HE IS FLAWLESS), but my poor broken Derek Hale. I just I can't. I know objectively he has flaws and isn't always right and isn't the victim. But I can't seem to have those thoughts be my surface thoughts, not when I wear my heart on my sleeve and when this character has broken me in so many ways. I hope with distance of the season being over, I'll be able to step back and maybe just sort myself out so that you aren't all judging me anymore, but I totally get if you are now, because I've gone just a bit off the deep end with my staning, which I've tried so hard to keep in check. To keep myself from screaming BUT DEREK HALE WHY DON'T ANY OF YOU UNDERSTAND THIS FUCKING MAN.

ETA: I think Deaton was totally orchestrating a plan to bring down Gerard for whatever reason and he used Scott because Scott trusted him and was already in the middle of it. So, we maaaaay be having a parallel puppet-puppeteer situation here POSSIBLY. With Deaton-Scott/Gerard-Jackson/Peter-Derek? IDKIDK. I don't want that last one but it's possible.

But also ugh. Now that I've thought more on it, I'm kind of mad at how neat and tidy everything got left. And I was talking to Christin about this and we agree that we're worried Jeff Davis lets fandom influence him too much, and I feel like this was something like that? He wanted no more shaking and crying and wanted to give fandom canon pack feels they'd written about since last year? IDKIDK.

Let's discuss the finale? :P

ETA: while I go back to normal-people levels of normalness and download the Grimm S2 opener. God. I cannot wait to get back to not feeling these FEELZ and just ... have normal feelings. Sigh.It's just so overwhelming.
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